Shadowrun Slang Guidebook

Slang Guidebook

– Courtesy of WorldWide WordWatch

(vul) = vulgar
(jap) = Japanese or “Japlish” loanword
v. = verb
adj. = adjective
n. = noun

Angel n. A benefactor, especially an unknown one.
Arc n. An arcology.
Breeder n. Ork slang for a “normal” Human.
Business n. In slang context, crime, Also “Biz.”
Buzz Go away. Buzz off.
chill adj. Good, cool, acceptable.
chip truth n. A fact or honest statement.
Chipped adj. Senses, skills, reflexes, muscles, and so on, enhanced by cyberware.
chrome n. Cyberware, especially obvious enhancements.
Chummer n. “Pal” or “Buddy”.
clip n. A box magazine for a firearm.
comm n. Short for commlink, your phone, handheld computer, music
Corp nl, adj. Corporation. Corporate
cred n. Money. Reputation, especially good reputation.
Dandelion Eater n., adj. Elf or elven. Highly Insulting.
Dataslave n. Corporate decker or other data processing employee.
Datasteal n. Theft of data from a computer, usually by decking.
Deck n. A cyberdeck. v. To use a cyberdeck, usually illegally.
Decker n. Pirate cyberdeck user. Derived from 20th-centery term “Hacker”.
Deckhead n. Simsense abuser; anyone with a datajack or chipjack.
Drek n. (vul) A common curse word. adj: Drekky
+drek n. (vulgar) Feces. A common curse word.
Dumped v. Involuntarily ejected from the Matrix.
dumpshock n. The painful sensation of being forcibly ejected from the Matrix while deeply involved in multi-sensory interactions.
Exec v. Corporate executive.
Fetishman n. A talismonger.
Frag v. Common swear word. adj: Fragging.
fragged adj. (vulgar) Broken, in trouble.
Geek v. To kill.
go-gang n. A vehicular gang.
halfer n. (vulgar) A dwarf.
Heatwave n. Police crackdown.
Hoi Hi Hello. (Familiar form)
hoop n. (vulgar) A common curse word referring to a person’s backside.
Hose v. Louse up. Screw up.
Ice n. Security software. “Intrusion Countermeasures,” or IC.
Jack v. Jack In, or enter cyberspace. Jack out, or to leave cyberspace.
Jander v. To walk in an arrogant yet casual manner; to strut.
jing n. Money, usually cash.
keeb n. (vulgar) An elf.
Kobun n. (Jap) Member of a Yakuza clan.
meat n. A physical body. Pertaining to the physical world. Organs harvested for sale.
merc n. A mercenary.
mojo n. (Caribbean) Magic. A spell.
Mr. Johnson n. Refers to an anonymous employer or corporate agent, regardless of gender or national origin.
Mundane n. adj. (vul) Non-magician or non-magical.
Nutrisoy n. Cheaply processed food product, derived from soybeans
Nuyen n. World standard of currency.
omae n. A close friend. Can be used sarcastically.
organlegging v. Trading in organs or cyberware harvested from formerly living people.
Oyabun n. (Jap) Head of a Yakuza clan.
Panzer n. Any ground-effect combat vehicle.
pawn n. (derogatory) Street slang for Knight Errant officers
Paydata n. A datafile worth money on the black market.
pixie n. (vulgar) An elf. An elf poser.
Plex n. A metropolitan complex, or “metroplex”.
poli n. A policlub or a policlub member. adj. Pertaining to a policlub.
razorgirl n. A female with extensive combat enhancements.
razorguy n. A male with extensive combat enhancements.
+Razorguy n. Heavily cybered samurai or other muscle.
roke adj. Overly elaborate or unnecessarily detailed. From a shortening of Baroque.
Samurai n. (Jap) Mercenary or muscle for hire. Implies honor code.
samurai n. (Japanese) Mercenary or muscle for hire. Implies an honor code or a good reputation.
Sarariman n. (Jap) From “salaryman.” A corporate employee.
Screamer n. Credstick or other ID that triggers computer alarms if used.
scrip n. A currency that is not nuyen, usually referring to currency issued by a megacorporation.
Seoul Man n. A member of a Seoulpa ring.
Seoulpa ring n. A small criminal gang with connections to others like it.
Shaikujin n. (Jap) Lit. “Honest citizen.” A corporate employee.
simsense n. A sensory broadcast or recording that lets the viewer feel and experience what the participants feel and experience.
Simsense n. ASIST sensory broadcast or recording.
SIN n. System Identification Number. Identification number assigned to each person in the society.
SINless adj. Lacking a SIN. n. A SINless person.
SINner n. A person with a SIN. An honest person.
Slot and Run v. Hurry up. Get to the point. Move it.
slot n. (vulgar) Mild curse word referring to female genitalia. v. To insert a chip or credstick into chip or credstick reading device.
So ka (Jap) I understand. I get it.
Soykaf n. Ersatz coffee substitute made from soybeans.
Sprawl n. a metroplex (see Plex); v. fraternize below one’s social level.
squat n. Abandoned urban area used for housing. (vulgar) A dwarf.
squishy n. (vulgar) A dwarf, elf, or human. Usually used by orks and trolls.
Star, the n. The police. Originally referring to Lone Star specifically.
static n. Trouble, usually social in nature.
Suit n A “straight citizen.” See Shaikujin, Sarariman.
swag adj. Awesome.
System Identification Number (SIN) n. Identification number assigned to each person in the society.
Trid n. Three-dimensional successor to video.
trideo n. The three-dimensional successor to video. Trid for short.
Trog n. (vul) An Ork or Troll. From “troglodyte.” Highly insulting.
tusker n. (vulgar) An ork or troll.
Vatjob n. A person with extensive cyberware replacement, reference is to a portion of the process during which the patient must be submerged in nutrient fluid.
Wagemage n. A magician (usually mage) employed by a corporation.
wageslave n. A low-level corporate employee.
Wetwork n. Assassination. Murder.
Wired adj. Equipped with cyberware, especially increased reflexes.
wiz adj.Wonderful, excellent.
Wizard n. A magician, usually a mage; adj. gear, wonderful, excellent.
Wizworm n. slang. A dragon.
Yak n. (Jap) Yakuza. Either a clan member or a clan itself.
zaibatsu n. (Japanese) A megacorporation.

Shadowrun Slang Guidebook

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